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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Wireless Router Buyer's Guide 2018 - WiFi Router Buying Guide 2018

Wifi Router is used primarily to share an internet connection, but this is not a single feature. In this case, before purchasing a router, you need to know about these things which we are sharing with you in This WiFi Router Buying Guide 2018 Article.

WIFI Router buying guide 2018

In today's world, everyone uses the internet, some people are those who can compromise with the slow network while using the internet, but most people expect better. According to their convenience, they want to use the internet on many systems, along with high-speed internet and good network in every room. For this purpose, they buy WiFi Router but due to lack of knowledge, they do not get the desired Router they need. In such case, before buying a WIFi Router there are few important things which they need to know.

Router's WiFi Standard(802.11 a/b/g/n/ac):

First, you have to check that the router support which WiFi standard. For the older model, you get 802.11 'b' or 'g' while for the new routers 'n' is also supported. At 802.11'n' standard, you can transfer data with the speed of 600mbps, though some 802.11'n' routers have the top speed of 300mbps.

802.11ac is the latest standard. On this, you get the transfer speed of 1.3GBPS. For now, very few laptops and smartphone support 802.11ac standard. Apart from this, it is also a bit expensive as compared to 802.11n standard. Right now, you can easily go for 'n' standard router. It is very fast for India's internet connection and it is also supported on all devices. By this, you can also save yourself some money.

Router Wireless Frequency(2.4Ghz or 5Ghz):

The frequency of the router determines how powerful your network is. The router has two main standards of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. The main difference between the two is interruption and range. Compared to the 2.4Ghz standard router, you get the better network in the 5Ghz standard router, but its price is also high. If the network interference is not the main issue, then you can buy a 2.5Ghz Router.

Router Antenna Range:

There is no direct method to know the range of any WiFi Router because it depends on various circumstances. However, behind the router you can easily see, the dbi rating of the antenna mentioned.

There is also a significant role of walls in preventing WiFi signals. Whether the wall is concrete or wood, the strength of the signal becomes weak after 3 to 4 walls of a study. Therefore, before buying the router always know about its dbi ratings.

Router Speed:

The speed of router also depends upon the hardware used in the model. The speed in every device is mentioned in up to High-speed section. The router which will be of lower price will also have a lower speed. If you just want to surf the internet, then you can buy the cheap router. If you love to watch high definition video or love to stream videos to your TV then 300mbps router will work fine for you.




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