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SEO means search engine optimization. It offers more traffic by providing a higher ranking to your website in search results of search engi...

Best SEO Techniques To Increase Website Traffic [2018]

SEO means search engine optimization. It offers more traffic by providing a higher ranking to your website in search results of search engine.

SEO is the best way of getting more traffic to your website. 

Knowing some of the best SEO Techniques and applying them, you will see a significant increase in your website traffic. 

Although, there are many more ways of sending traffic to the website SEO is the best way as it gives you permanent traffic. 

When you write a post on your website and then shares it on Social Media, you get some referral traffic which is temporary traffic and stops after one or two days.

But, when you use these SEO techniques, it will help you in the longer term.

Best seo techniques

On-Page SEO Techniques To Increase Organic Traffic:

On-Page SEO Techniques are those that we usually use on our Website Posts, page, title, headline etc. Due to being used on the website page and posts its called On-Page-SEO.

Use Keyword In Title Tag

Your website title tag is an important factor in SEO. Your title should be keyword rich. You should use a keyword rich phrase as the title, and also attractive.

Use Long-Tail Strategy

Using Long-Tail Keywords in your post or title is called Long-Tail Strategy. Long-Tail Keyword is a keyword or phrases that are very much related to the product or service you provide. Whenever a client searches for that keyword, in most likelihood your post will appear higher in the search result.

Like if your keyword is "SEO Techniques", then your long tail keyword can be " 5 Best SEO Techniques To Improve Your Website Traffic". 

Long Tail Keywords are very important nowadays because these are very specific and therefore search engine give such importance to long tail keywords.

Use Right Keywords

In the search engine, the appropriate keywords help you in getting a good rank, whereas unsuitable keywords harm your ranking. So make sure you have done enough keyword research before selecting any keyword. Using the searchable keyword will help you in getting more organic traffic for sure.

Reduce Load Time Of Website

Do you know that the ideal time for any website to load is 2 to 3 seconds? If the load time of a website is more than 3 second, then visitors to the website can fall by up to 40%.

Sometimes, we post a high-resolution image in our post or we add many unwanted plugins which slow down our website. Never install any unwanted plugins.

Best Off-Page SEO Techniques to Increase Website Traffic:

Off-page SEO Techniques are those that we apply on our website in an offline mode like through backlinks etc.

Use Social Media

Use Social Media to build your website audience. Always share all your content on social media. This also has an impact on your Search Engine Ranking. The more social engagement you get the more your website rank improves.

Create High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks mean getting linked from another website your website. A backlink is an important part of Search Engine Optimisation. If you get quality backlinks, then your website will surely get ranked higher.

If you apply these best SEO Techniques on your website, then you will surely see your website traffic increasing.


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