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Friday, 5 January 2018

Best Investment Schemes (High Return, Low Risk)

To make our future financially safe, we all need to save money and also invest it at right place. If you invest your money wisely, it will surely help you when the needs increases also in the time of inflation it will be a passive income source for you.

It depends only on the investment schemes that you choose.

The most important question is which investment plan you should choose? and it depends on various things like:

  1. What is your long and short-term goals?
  2. How much risk you can take?
  3. For how many years, you are going to invest?
Here we are sharing 6 best investment options according to various investment objectives and investment returns.

High Return Investment Plans:

1) Invest in Equities

Equity means investing in shares. According to various researchers, the return on equity is highest among any investment schemes. There is no upper limit on returns in equity. Through equity shares, many investors double their investment.

However, high returns come with high risk also. The probability of growth in share market is equal to the probability of fall in share market. Making intelligent decision while investing in equity can reduce the risk to some extent.

Equity Investment Tips:

  • If you are starting, then first do your research that how it works. This will help you in avoiding herd mentality.
  • Always invest in long-term in equity. If you make a long-term investment of 10-15 years, then it will give the best return on investment.
  • Never invest all your savings in the share market. 50-70% Of total savings is considered ideal for investment in share market.
  • Make a list of your favorite stocks, do a deep research on past performance of this share and also the future plans of the company. After doing all this research, invest in the share.
  • Never invest in random shares, which you have never researched.
2) Mutual Funds

  • Investment in mutual funds is considered best for salaried individuals.
  • Mutual funds are the best option to invest in equities and bonds wit balanced risk and returns.
  • Through mutual funds, you can invest in the equity of various sectors of companies such as Finance, Energy, Healthcare, Technology. This will reduce your overall risk.
3) Real Estate Investment

One of the fastest growing investment areas in India in Real Estate. Some years ago, people used to buy Houses, Plots or commercial spaces for their own use. But due to changes in trends of investment and returns in this field, they are started to invest in real estate with intention of making high profits in the future by selling them.

  • As you already know, there is no minimum or maximum investment in Real Estate. If you do not have many capitals, then you can also invest in shares of real estate companies.
  • There is no tax rebate on investment in real estate.
  • The profit on the sale of real estate is completely taxable. However, you can save tax by re-investing sale money.
Investment in real estate depends only on the fact that you invest wisely. Suppose you are buying a plot in the remote location, if there is a possibility of development in future then you will surely make good returns but if there is no activity then it will be less likely for you to make any return.

Long-Term & Safe Investment Schemes

4) Public Provident Fund Investment

The public provident fund is the safest and long-term tax saving investment schemes in India. The reason for this is, PPF investment is run by Indian Government. The PPF account can be opened in any nationalized, authorized banks and in selected Post offices.

PPF Important Points:

  • This is for long-term investment. The investment period is for 15 years. It can be extended to 5 years for each renewal.
  • The minimum amount of investing in PPF is Rs.500.
  • You can earn compound interest on your investment.
Best Short-Term Investment Plans

5) Short-term Fixed Deposits

Short-term fixed deposit is the best short-term investment plan. Fixed deposits are those, which are deposited for a fixed period. At the maturity of that fixed term, you get the principle with interest on it. You can also invest money in fixed deposits for a long time. But, in the long run, other investment schemes gave big returns than fixed deposits. Thus, Fixed Deposit is a good option for those who want to invest their saving for a short-term.

The following options are available for investing in FD:

  1. Fixed Deposit with the post office.
  2. Fixed Deposit with the banks.
  3. Fixed Deposit with companies.
Best Investment Plan For Child

6) Sukanya Sammridhi Yojana

Sukanya sammridhi yojana is an investment scheme started by Indian Government for Girls Child. Sukanya sammridhi yojana is a good investment option for Girl's child higher education and marriage.

  • The account can be opened until the age of 10 years.
  • It is necessary to deposit at least Rs.1000 per anum in this scheme. The maximum limit is Rs. 1.5 Lakh Per anum.
  • On average, interest ranges from 8% to 9.5% in this scheme.
  • Up to 50% of the amount can be withdrawn when the girl's child age is 18 years.
  • After the marriage of the girl, the account itself get closes and the full amount gets paid.
Final Thoughts:

If you want to invest in high returns and for long-term then equity and mutual funds will be a good option for you, but the risk will be higher. For low-risk schemes, invest in FD or PPF.




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