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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Link Building Strategies For Beginner Bloggers

Just creating your blog and making it available to the world is not enough. 

Even after writing content, you need to make it discoverable to people. 

On the internet, just having your own blog or website is not end, one has to perform several activities to make it available to the world. 

This is when various methods of promotion come into existence.
Google is the most powerful search engine and to make a website discoverable, ranking in the Google search is very essential. 

But obtaining a position in Google is not as simple as it sounds, one has to keep in mind enormous factors. 

The most important factor is backlinks. Simply backlinks are links that point traffic to your website from Google.

We have below listed some amazing easy methods that you can use to increase the amount of traffic that you receive every day in your blog. 

So to knowing more about these steps and increase traffic to your blog please keep on reading.

link building strategies 2017

    · Commenting on other blogs:

seo link building 2017

Blog commenting is a very and popular way to get free and good backlinks to your blog. 

Commenting is a good way as you don't have to work hard to comment backlinks. 

All you have to do is search for some high authority blogs of your own niche, read posts and comment on them. 

Also, try to post high quality and lengthy comments as this way your comment will be noticed more and you will get more replies.

   · Guest posts

seo techniques 2017

Guest post is another great way to get do-follow backlinks from well-authorized sites to your blog.

There are plenty of blogs available who allow guest posting on their blog. You will be easily getting do follow backlinks from your guest posts.

For this, all you have to do is find a well-reputed site that accepts guest posts and then read their guidelines very carefully. 

Mostly, these well-established blogs look for high-quality content that their readers would love to read and share. 

The writing should be copyrighted and plagiarism free. It should also be unique and not published on any other blog. 

Mostly from guest posts, you will get backlinks from author information below the post and from your post.

The advice here is to take out some time from your daily schedule and write some quality posts for other blogs that will help you receive more traffic on your blog. 

While writing thinks as if you are writing for your own blog as then only they will provide you with links that will help your blog rank higher in Google. 

Also, keep in mind that you must not at any cost submit spun content as there are many tools available that can identify it and your writing will be rejected.

    · Listing your blog in blog directories

how to build do follow backlinks

Submitting your blog to blog directories is also a great idea to increase blog traffic. 

These blog directories are linked with many other networks thus they increase traffic to a huge extent. 

But the main and awesome thing about blog directories is that they only accept quality blogs. 

Basically, these blog directories put your blog in a particular category and when their reader search for a particular topic, your blog appears.

The process is very simple all you have to do is read their guidelines very carefully and then submit your blog. 

Within 2 to 3 days, you will receive an e-mail from them in which they will mention if your blog is accepted or not.

    · Profile backlinks

social media marketing techniques 2017

Social media options like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great for receiving profile backlinks. 

You can very easily receive tons of traffic every day simply by adding your blog or site to your social media profiles. 

Having a great following on social media will drastically increase the amount of traffic you receive.

This process is very simple. Just create your social media accounts, stay active on them and grow your followers. 

Additionally, comment on other people's posts and share them as doing this will catch their attention as well. 

While setting up your social media accounts add your site link in the description section and this way, it will help you receive more profile backlinks. 

Without any doubt, Facebook is one of the huge social media and platform and thus it will help you to receive a lot of traffic. 

Currently, Instagram is also very popular and can help to receive profile backlinks.

Other techniques to receive more traffic

All the above-mentioned factors are basically various ways in which you can increase your traffic through backlinks but apart from these, there are few other factors that one must keep in mind.

    · Having strong voice and opinion

viral content marketing

Having a strong voice and opinion is what attracts many. 

You may call this a rant but if it is done well, it will help you to get a huge traffic every single day. 

Having your strong opinion will also make your blog stand out from others. 

Of course, keep in mind that you support your statements with valid points while posting as this will make your content more engaging and your readers may even share it.

     · Analysis and research

Use statistics and data to support your content so that if someone wants to present the data that you have come up with they can only do it using backlinks. 

The point of this particular type of posts is to offer valuable information to the readers. 

This can be bit time to taking as it takes a lot of effort to gather information and put them together in a neat package.

    · Keyword optimization

It's not that the content for a post only matters for search engine optimization. 

The actual content which describes your page and what is on the page matters the keyword optimization. 

When it comes to URL page name, description and other necessities on your page, make sure that they are keyword friendly.

Also, to conclude I would like to say that link building strategies must not be used by bloggers in order to get random clicks but they must also create clickable and valuable content for the readers.




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