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Monday, 4 September 2017

Google Ranking Factors

All bloggers want their blog to get good rank in the search engine and they research about SEO for the same reason. 

In short, for good ranking in search engines, everyone gives importance to SEO. 

If you want your blog to get good ranking in search engine, then you must pay attention to Google ranking factors.

I am going to share with you some of the Google ranking factors in this post.

Google ranking factors

Now the number of blogs and websites is increasing day by day.

To make online money, for any business everyone is now creating their blogs or websites. So for this, everyone wants Google to rank their website on top and they use SEO for this.

But, even after doing all this many newbie bloggers or website owners fails to rank their website higher in Google search Result.

This happens because everyone follows SEO but no one thinks about what Google Ranking Factors are.

Therefore, their blog or website never show up on top of Google search.

Google ranking factors

Whenever a company becomes big or popular they make a lot of changes in their privacy policies.

They apply new terms & conditions to it.

Likewise, Google is a very big and popular company. There are some rules in it, which you have to follow. Only then your blog or website get to the top of search results.

At present, there are over 200 Factors for Google SERP ( Search engine result page ).

If you follow these factors, then it's sure that you will get good results for your blog.

Not many of you know these factors and those who know and follow them, they get huge organic traffic from Google search results.

So, if you still don't know about these factors, I am going to share them with you in this post.

I will suggest you follow these and you will see a huge increase in your organic traffic.

6 Most Important Google Ranking Factors

~ Keyword In Post Title

Using a keyword in the title of the post is very important factor in Google ranking.

If you want to know how to research keywords for SEO then check Tools like Semrush seo page rank tool to find good profitable keywords for your blog post.

A post title is a place where both visitors and Search engines look first.

Therefore, always try to use your main keyword in Post title.

~ Keyword Density

Whenever you write a blog post, there are many important things to keep in mind.

The most important of all that is we have to take care of keyword density in the post.

Many newbie bloggers ignore that, which results in the very poor performance of their blog post.

If you use the keyword well in the post but did not care about the keyword density, then it's useless.

When we write a post, we use the same word very often.

Google asks us to use a word at least 4 times in a post.

But, if you use it for more than 10+ times, then that's called Keyword Stuffing, and it sends a signal to Google that you are using it the wrong way.

~ Mobile Optimized

Just as we know from Google analytics, that how much traffic we are getting on our blog and what operating system is driving it, the same way Google also has all the information.

If your blog or website is not mobile friendly, then Google will rarely show it at top results.

Thus, if your blog is not mobile friendly, then no matter how much you do SEO, you will find it hard to get at the top of Google search result.

Google ranking factors

~ Age of Domain

Google also consider that, if someone is starting up then he may not be that much experience.

That's why Google also ranks websites based on their domain age.

If your domain is new, then gradually it will get better ranking in results as the time goes on.

Domain age is a very big factor for both SEO and popularity.

Many people keep changing their blog domains, which sometimes turns the wrong choice for them.

~ Quality and Length Of Content

If the quality of any content is good, then gradually people want to read more from them.

When we write a post, if it has quality content, then gradually its popularity also increases.

To write quality content, always make sure what your readers want from you, and write according to their usability.

Try to use keywords in your post, and make it large but not boring.

Google Ranking Factors

~ Website Loading Speed

Website Loading speed is of great importance in Google ranking factors.

If your blog has quality content, but it's loading speed is slow, then it is certain that the traffic of your blog will not increase.

Visitors don't like to go to a blog which loads slowly.

If your site loading speed is slow, try to improve it, otherwise, it will be very hard for you to get good rank in Google search results.

~ Backlinks

Whether you agree or not, backlinks play a major role in ranking of any website.

It is important but less than the quality of your content.

If you write good quality unique content, then sometimes even without backlinks you can get a good rank.

Backlinks are important only when you are getting it from quality websites.

There are many ways of getting quality backlinks for your website. 

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