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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

5 Simple Ways To Get More Email Subscribers [Must Read]

Every blogger wants to know how to increase email subscribers? 

If you really want to increase your email subscribers then read this post carefully. 

I am going to share 5 simple ways which will help you get more email subscribers easily. 

Almost every blogger uses email service because this is the best way to bring old visitors to the blog.

when you subscribe to a blog by entering an email, whenever a blog update or a new post is published you get notified via email.

This way subscribed visitors to get informed that a new post has been published and he visits your blog to read them.

5 simple ways to get more email subscribers
Many bloggers use Feedburner on their blog.

It is basically a free service of Google with some really good features.

5 Tips to get more email subscribers.

1. Email subscription widget style

If you want more email subscribers, then it relies more on email subscription widget.

If you have not added this widget to your blog, then just add it.

If we talk about style, then style it as simple and good looking as you can.

The most important thing is, the widget should not be too colorful.

Because visitors hate it, and it also affects your website loading speed.

2. Using Popup email subscription widget

5 simple ways to get more email subscribers
If you will add pop-up email subscription widget on your blog, then it will surely help you in getting more email subscribers.

In the present time, you must be seeing this kind of widgets in many blogs.

But let me tell you one thing that using popup not only help you but it has some demerit too.

5 simple ways to get more email subscribers
This makes difference in blog loading time and in many browsers, it doesn't open too.

3. Run Contests

This is a very good and working idea.

A contest can be kept in real life, not only in a blog.

This will help you increase your blog popularity and also growth in email subscribers.

You can do an "email subscribe contest" and can randomly select some winners and give them freebies or even web hosting for free.

This is a very perfect way of increasing email subscribers.

4. Give some offers

This is also a good and popular way of increasing email subscribers.

If you can, then offer something to your readers according to their interest and your niche.

If you have a fitness blog then you can simply create an ebook of say "50 Fitness tips" and give them as a freebie to those who subscribe to your blogs.

In this way, your blog readers will also get helpful tips and you also get new subscribers.

5. Use social media effectively

5 simple ways to get more email subscribers
You can take help of social media to increase your email subscribers.

Make sure to help people on social media and forums.

That way you will build such an image, that if you ask people to subscribe they can't resist.

* If you have any question feel free to ask in a comment.



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