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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

5 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Bounce Rate

If you are a website owner, then it's very important to know the basic information about your website.

In this post, I am going to talk about Bounce rate and will share 5 ways to reduce your bounce rate.

There are many things related to our blog, that we should know.

There are many important tools in Google analytics, but the most important of them is Bounce rate.

This is very important for any newbie blogger.

What is Bounce Rate?

You will get lots of visitors on your website, and they come to your website from different sources.

Such as search engine, social media, social refferals etc.

There will be few visitors only who will stay for a long time on your website.

In simple, bounce rate means the percent of visitors who come to your website, then they do not stay on your site for more time and do not click on other posts or pages.

It is better if bounce rate on your website is less.

How much the bounce rate should be?

If your site has high bounce rate, it means the visitors are not interested in your website.

So for that, you have to do something, so that visitors read as many posts on your website as possible.

If your website has more than 30% bounce rate, then you have to pay attention to it.

How to check bounce rate?

Check using Google Analytics.

If you have created an account in Google Analytics, then you can easily check your bounce rate by using these methods.

  1. Login to your analytics account.
  2. Now click on behavior option.
  3. Now click on site content
  4. Now click on landing pages.

Here you can see the bounce rate of your website.

If your site bounce rate is more than 35%, then you should take it seriously and try to minimize it.

If you want to reduce your site bounce rate, read the ways given below and follow it.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate?

Now I am going to share with you some tips which will surely help you in reducing bounce rate of your website.

1. Loading Time

If your blog's loading time is low, then visitors will stay for a longer duration on your website.

For this, use a simple customised template with not so much fancy sidebars.

Use fewer widgets in the sidebar. Also, if you use images in your post, then reduce its resolution also.

2. Quality Content

Write quality content which provides value to your visitors.

Always write content around the visitor's query.

Provide as much detailed information as much possible.

3. Quality Keywords

Always use quality keywords in your post in a proper manner.

If you are writing in any specific language then write in that language only.

4. Mobile Friendly Design

Your website should open in all browser in mobile also. For this, use a responsive template.

5. Post Length

Don't use fewer keywords in posts.

Post length should not be too less or too high.




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