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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

What Is Hosted And Non-Hosted Adsense Account

We want to learn new thing about Google AdSense every day, We all get happy when our AdSense account gets approved. There are lots of things always surrounding the accounts of Google AdSense. Everyone wishes to know and experiment with them. There are two types of Google AdSense accounts.

  1. Hosted Account
  2. Normal account or Non-hosted account
There are many differences between these two types of accounts. This difference is very big. Let's understand these two accounts in details.

1. Hosted Account

When you apply for AdSense from your blogger or YouTube accounts and your account is approved, after the use of few days you get to understand the limitation of these type of account. In the hosted AdSense account ads can only be shown on blogger, YouTube, and Hubpages. To show ads on a new account, you must first get approval from AdSense. It is necessary to meet Google AdSense Terms and Policy which AdSense checks automatically. With this account, you can't show ads on non-approved websites. You can only earn by placing ads on approved blogs, website and YouTube account. There is no problem in it and many bloggers are earning a lot of money from it.

Cons of Hosted AdSense account

  • Ads can not be displayed on other blogs or websites. Ads will only be displayed on the approved website.
  • Google search, Games and videos can not be monetized.
  • To show ads on a new blog, it should be approved.
  • Ads can not be used with the window or Android applications.

Pros of Hosted Adsense account

  • Can be easily approved by applying from blogger or YouTube account.
  • YouTube videos can be monetized (After 10k views).
  • It is easily accepted.

2. Normal or Non-Hosted account

There are no limits in normal or non-hosted accounts. Such accounts are often accepted on self-hosted WordPress blogs or websites. Once the AdSense get approved on the sites ads can be shown on many blogs or sites from the same account. There is no scope for repeatedly accepting sites and blogs but you must be cautious in its use. Ads must be placed on the sites which fulfill AdSense policy and terms, otherwise, the Adsense account gets canceled. All the exemptions available in such accounts requires the same precautions. Along with that, you have additional resources for earnings like AdSense for search, AdSense for games etc. In order to get a normal AdSense account, you have to apply by visiting AdSense website.

Cons of non-hosted account

  • This type of account gets time to get accepted.
  • It is important to fully understand AdSense terms and policy in order to get approved for this account.

Pros of non-hosted account

  • After getting approved you can earn by showing ads on any website or blogs.
  • You can also earn easily by adding it to youtube.
  • You can earn by showing ads on windows and android applications using experiments.
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