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You will find many earning opportunities on the internet and blogging is the most accurate way of them.But there are many misconceptio...

Earn From Micro Niche Blog

You will find many earning opportunities on the internet and blogging is the most accurate way of them.But there are many misconceptions about making money from blogging that many have to work hard every day.Yes, it is true if you want to make your name and brand.But when you think of earning money for a long time in a little hard work, there are many shortcuts to fulfill your desires.One of the shortcuts is that you create a microblog (i.e. a blog written on a particular topic).

This article will tell you how to create a micro-targeting blog, which will make you $150 in an easy way.You can call it a blueprint of the micro-niche blog.

Benefits of micro-niche blog

Let me tell you that blog written on a particular topic get more rank in search engine.When you publish blogs with original and authentic content on a particular topic,it gets a good rank then its own great blogs.At the same time, you can also create an evergreen blog.After making the blog with all your hard work, now you can think about income.

1. Choose Your Niche and Domain

You should write the blog on the topic on which you have a good hold.But at the same time, you have to keep in mind that this topic should be very popular among people and commercially.To earn from you should try to get more traffic from American and European blogs, this gives you more CPC.

2. Do Keyword Research

First of all search the topic which people want to know for a long time.For these types of topics select keywords that can give you more traffic and CPC.

Instead of choosing keywords that give more CPC, you should write content that also pulls traffic.

3. Setting Up Blog

If you have created Wordpress blog in the past then you will find this work easy.After creating the blog it is your content which will do all thing.

You will need some tools for this.The list contains plugin, themes and important information.

-First of all, you will need a web hosting.
-You must buy a good theme

-Yoast SEO Plugin
-Akismet Plugin
-Jetpack Plugin
-WP super cache Plugin

It should be tried that at least the hard work needs to be done to make the blog and to earn money.You should work hard to get search engine traffic with less effort so that earning starts.

Creating a Social Media Profile

Creating a social media profile will benefit you.For that, you have to update your content regularly on it.Share your content by creating a profile on Facebook and Twitter.This will give you lots of organic traffic which will improve the search rank of your blog.

Adsense and Affiliate Marketing

After this, you can apply Adsense ads and after some time Affiliate marketing.

By investing a little money you will be able to make thousands of dollars every year.

If you have any question you can contact us in comments.

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