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Search engine SEO is a complex, mysterious and secret discipline done by specialists trained by search engine gurus.When it comes to t...

Beginner's Guide To WordPress SEO


Search engine SEO is a complex, mysterious and secret discipline done by specialists trained by search engine gurus.When it comes to the words often used like WordPress SEO engines, the search for truth becomes mandatory.But search engine optimizing is not a rocket science, there is no contract or more about which special knowledge and studies to be done.Rather optimization of SEO is very simple, easy and accessible technology for any site owner.In which you have to fill some words in the boxes.

Today I will give you 5 simple tips for SEO in the basics of blogging, which will help you get as many readers as possible by increasing your blog ranking and making your blogging experience even more comfortable.

Select the Right Keywords

You think that you do not know how the search engine works, but the truth is something else.All of you have searched something in the search engine from the first day of the internet to the millions of times.As soon as you put a word in the search box and press enter, in few seconds you see results similar to your words.

Therefore it is important that you select right keywords, but how could that be? For this, you have to think like internet users what they type in the search box repeatedly.In this work, you should also consider computations between keywords and their trends over time.

Make SEO Friendly Post Title And Permalink

Post titles have great importance for good WordPress SEO.These not only send readers to your site from search engine but search engine also uses it while crawling your site.If possible you should use the keyword in the post title without exceeding the limit of 70 characters.

With this, you should also keep the permalink of your post SEO friendly instead of having a date in your post URL or unreadable characters.For this, you have to first setup custom permalink structure in WordPress.After this, you will be able to set custom permalink you want by clicking the edit button at the bottom of the title in the post editor.

Use Post Category and Tags

When you prepare to publish a great post, You forget to think about the categories and tags, if you use it, the Google search engine will reward you for it.Properly created categories make navigation on your site good and keep the users tied.There is a high possibility of increased traffic to your blog.

Learn to use Meta Description

There is still difference that the use of meta description increase your site ranking or not, but it is beneficial to use it in every post.There are no two opinions on it.Google experts say that the meta description is not for the search bot but for the users searching in the search engine and in which the keywords searched is shown in bold.

If you forget to set it up for a post, Google automatically crawls the first paragraph of the post and sets it.In this situation, the set post is likely to not have a keyword.So make a habit of using right meta description for every post.

Keep these things in mind, the post you publish will get good search rank and it will be seen by many people.

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