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Sunday, 30 July 2017

How To Get Google Adsense Approval

How To Get Google Adsense Approval 

In This Post, I will talk about one of the most controversial topics Which is "Google Adsense Approval ".I have seen many people confused about Getting Adsense Approval, they get depressed and many of them actually Quit Blogging because they think they can't make money if they don't get the approval of AdSense.
In this article, i will explain some of the
Key points that will ensure that you will always get the approval of Adsense So let's start !.

1) use standard Platform be it Blogspot or WordPress. The first thing you have to take care is User quality design.One of the major mistakes we do is we want to make our blog fancier which isn't necessary at all, won't you have to make your blog look professional.There are many professional looking templates out there, you just need to search for it. If you have money you can spend on that if don't has money there are many free templates out there for blogspot and for wordpress.

2) Make sure your sidebar does not look spamy. Don't bombard it with lots of widget like live feed widget and all like that. Keep it simple like subscription box, social icons etc.

3) If you are using blogspot make sure you are using custom domain name.Well, it serves many advantages like, it makes your domain easy to remember .If they see you are using custom domain they kind of like it And it will help in your approval application.

4) Quality of the content
One of the major mistake we do when we start blogging is we use to write small content like say 100-150 words contents and most of our contents are not original, Don't do that ! Read about blogging, how to write good content and then start writing. Try to make your content atleast 300-400 words.

5) Use Original Image
If you are not using original images, don't just copy-paste images from google and start using on your Blog. Because, in that case your adsense will surely get rejected.

So, the point is Your content should be of high quality, Should be original and make sure you format it very nicely.

One most talked about Topic is Adsense requires 6 months waiting time for Asian publishers, but that's not true. The only thing they ask you to wait for 6 months is because they want your blog to be Quality Blog. So, if you actually do that before 6 months i am sure your adsense application will be approved.

So, the whole point is your website should look more Professional and another key point is if you are using custom domain take advantage of "Outlook"  professional email adress. Use that email address to apply for adsense that will improve your chances of getting adsense approval.
Just Follow these tricks and make sure you are building a quality blog and you will get an adsense approval fast . There are chances you get rejected, but don't get demotivated just figure out reason of rejection . 

Do remember by the end, adsense wants you, they want your blog because they have to grow, they have advertisers who need to advertise and they need your blog. All you need to do is figure out a way , fix it and re-apply for adsense approval.
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