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In this Post, i will share 5 most important SEO ranking factors in 2017. Google is constantly changing its ranking algorithm, digital mark...

5 Most Inportant SEO Ranking Factors in 2017

In this Post, i will share 5 most important SEO ranking factors in 2017. Google is constantly changing its ranking algorithm, digital marketers need to stay updated in order to rank their website on the first page of Google.

1) Don't violate Google Quality Guidelines

We all know getting on google bad sight is not a good idea, in 2017 don't try to fool Google with practices like Paid Backlinks, Hidden texts, Doorway Pages. Google has shown strong intentions to fight spam and this is why you should make sure that your website is not sending any spam signals even by mistake. A lot of websites raise spam signals unknowingly, webmasters should be aware of their website and various spam signals that can breach Google Quality Guidelines. 2 Common mistakes trigger spam signals are Keyword stuffing and Spammy Backlinks. Since Google will be merciless with websites raising spam signals, you should check your website spam score at Moz open site explorer.

2) User Experience Signals

The central theme of google search is always been user experience. Some experts say user experience signal will be the most important factor in the coming years. Some factors you should focus as on 2017 are as follows: 

* Bounce Rate
* Pages / Sessions
* Mobile Friendly Web design
* Content Readability
* Broken links
* Website speed

3) RankBrain

In the fall of 2015, Google confirms that RankBrain is the third most important factor in the ranking algorithm. RankBrain is Google's name for machine learning artificial intelligence system that use to help process its search result.

* RankBrain is mainly used as a way to interpret searches that people submit to find pages that might not have the exact words that were searched for.

What you should do is insist on optimizing your content using semantic SEO Practices in order to helo google understand the context of your content and meaning behind the concept and entities you are writing about. You should also focus on structured data and mark up all the things possible in your website. Lastly, In 2017, Focus on search intent and not keywords.

4) Content

"Content is king" and will continue to rule. I can't emphasize enough on the importance of having well rounded, optimized content. Here are some tips to optimize your content.

* Keywords out, Topics in Like I already said optimize for user intent and not for keywords.
* Focus on AMP and Structured data
* Make video a part of your content strategy. Nothing is more engaging than a video.
* Focus on influencer outreach

5) Backlinks

Backlinks remains an extremely important ranking factors. It's been established the number of domains linking to a page has the highest co-relation with ranking more than any other factor.

So, these are my top 5 ranking factors in 2017. Let me know your's in the comment section below.

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