How To Save Data In Smartphone

Today almost everyone uses a smartphone and saves their data on the phone itself. These include many things like photos, videos, documents etc. Some other things are also stored which you don't want to share with anyone else. In this case, if anyone else uses your phone, it is possible that your data will be at risk.

You need to keep your phone secure so that no data can be stolen. If you don't want to lose your data then don't be panic because I am sharing a trick with you which will help you protect your mobile data.

how to save data in smartphone

How To Protect SmartPhone Data

To keep your phone secure, first you have to go to setting of your phone.
 After Going to setting, you will see an option called "users", click on it.
Now the users window will open in front of you, on which the option of guest appear on the screen with your name, click on it.
Then you will also see the option of add users, Now you will get a message of add user, just click on it.
You will now recieve a message for user setting, on which you have to click on "SET UP NOW". After this, just follow the messages you gets.
After this process, a new user will be added to the list. After this any data on your phone will not be visible to other. 
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