‘LYF Mega Offer’ brings LYF C 459 and C451 at an effective price of Rs 2392 & Rs 2692 respectively

Smartphone customers are getting huge discounts on various products on the occasion of Diwali. Phone maker companies are offering various discounts to lure customers. Reliance Jio has announced a 50% rebate on its "C" series smartphones Under Lyf mega offer. ie., Lyf smartphones will cost nearly half.

Jio ddlj offer

Reliance jio has announced a special offer on two of its 'C' series smartphones, which reduces their effective cost to about half. This offer is valid only until 22nd October 2017.

According to the statement, the effective price of LYF C459 is Rs.2392 after the discount and for the C451 model effective price is Rs.2692 respectively.

The handset will come with some of jio complementary benefits of worth Rs.2307.

The benefits include jio prime membership of Rs.99, 399 plan with the validity of 84 days and voucher of 5GB data for 9 recharge cycles.

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