Top SEO Tips and Tricks : SEO strategy 2017

In today’s article, I’ll share my top SEO tips and tricks. SEO has evolved in the past 10 years in ways that no one could imagine. In this article, I’ll share my top SEO strategies with you.

1. Go big on social media

SEO is getting in line with social media more and more with every update that Google puts out. It’s important to have social accounts for every product or website you create to improve your SEO. This is my top SEO strategy.

2. Participate in conversations

my second biggest SEO tip and trick is participating in conversations. Google sees this as a big sign and gives a lot of credit to every website that does it. It’s important to participate in forums, question & answer websites and related blogs for better SEO rankings.

3. Optimize your website speed

Search engines love websites that load fast. You should everything in your power to make your website as fast as possible using cache and CDN plugins.

4. Research your headline and description

Before publishing your content, do a simple search and see what other webmasters are using in their titles and descriptions. Get ideas and make your title more catchy for better SEO rankings.

5. Use multiple tools for SEO research

Don’t depend on data from a single source. Always get your information from multiple sources of data to ensure the accuracy of it.

6. Create infographics

Create infographics and post them on infographic websites or even reddit to get a ton of exposure, backlinks and SEO benefits for your website.

These were some of my best tips and tricks about SEO so you all can learn from it and optimize your website for better search ranking.

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