Tips to Improve Alexa Ranks

After the Google page rank, you must have heard about Alexa rank.Many advertising agencies pay great attention because it directly relates to your blog traffic.The less Alexa rank is the traffic of your blog.Google is no longer updating the page rank. But there are many metrics in the Domain Authority, Page Authority, Motion rank etc.Which can determine the rank and value of a blog.These factors are updated once in a month, while the Alexa rank is updated daily.Everyone should keep an eye on their Alexa rank and keep trying to reduce it to less than 1 lakh.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is now an analytics company that ranks every sites and blog based on their traffic and other parameters.Alexa rank is updated daily, the lower the rank, the more popularity.A low rank means that the site's Alexa rank is 100 better than a site with 10Alexaxa rank.It's like coming first in class.

How to reduce Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank can be reduced by installing Alexa toolbar and increasing traffic.Increasing writing depends on your content writing and sharing.I am giving some tips that can be helpful.

1) Don't Ignore Social Media

Today almost all are on Facebook and there are many groups on Facebook that have over 1000 active members.Share your post in an active group on a topic related to your blog, this will give you lots of readers and will increase your site traffic faster.

2) Use Alexa Pro Service

You can take advantage of the Alexa Pro service when you start earning and traffic is also good.This can give your blog a lot of help.

Be sure to try our tips, it will give you full help in reducing your Alexa Rank.

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