How To Grow A YouTube Channel Fast : Top 5 YouTube Tips For 2017

In this post, I'm going to walk you through my top 5 tips for growing your youtube channel fast in 2017. Don't worry about the algorithm changes,  I will show you how to get more subscribers and how to get more views with these easy tips.

Youtube has changed, again and again. But you can stay ahead of the curb moving into the end of 2017 with these 5 ways to grow your youtube channel and audience quickly with the new YouTube Algorithm changes. The new changes to the YouTube algorithm that everyone is talking about can sound scary, but there's still some tangible ways to grow your channel quickly.

1) If you want your channel to quickly grow you need to focus on daily uploads. We used to recommend that people upload 3 days a week, but at least 5 days, if not a full 7- day schedule is best to keep viewers coming back. Youtube now focuses on " Daily Active Users" and this is an important factor in content success.

2) Finding a balance between trending topics, trending videos and tent-pole programming and long lasting, evergreen content is also important now. The lesser YouTube focuses on subscriber views, the more those old long tail videos will be important to your channel.

3) Instead of caring which videos get views fast, YouTube cares about overall "Watch Time". "Watch Minutes" and Audience retention. You need to develop your own way to get people watching as many minutes of your videos as possible.

4) It's time to focus on "click worthy" titles and thumbnails. Don't mislead your viewer that's scummy and no one wants that - but instead, craft a title that actually deserved to be clicked on. We've been taught to live with an engaging hook since elementary school - put that to work.

5) Tips for thumbnails- Simplicity is key. The more you try to add complex text or effects to the thumbnail, the higher the chance it turns out to be messy and unappealing. Find something simple that represent your content and stick with it.

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