Get Google Adsense Approval Easily

Getting Adsense approval was not easy from time to time. You had to sign up for the new AdSense account, your account was reviewed and then you get approval from AdSense team.After that, you put ad units and start earning money from your website.

get adsense approval
Adsense Approval

Google Adsense Approval Process

Now the process of getting AdSense account approval has changed, and it has become easier for a new publisher. There is four step to apply for Google Adsense Approval.

  • Ensure that your site adheres to AdSense Policies.
  • Write quality content
  • Write at least 17-20 articles before applying for AdSense
  • Make sure to use mobile friendly template

Steps For Google Adsense account approval

  1. Register on official site of AdSense and fill up your website and your personal details.
  2. After this login to your AdSense account and under my ads click on other product and enter your domain address.
  3. Now add the code to the header section of the blog and click done.
Now wait for 48 hours and you will get a reply about your application.

This Process also gets your domain verification done and people who try to use others domain to get Adsense approval get rejected.If your application gets rejected then you can try to correct the error and re-apply again.

I would like to Thank Rahul Roy of Tech360z For sharing these amazing tricks with me. Do visit his Page for more such wonderful tips... 

Watch video Tutorial

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