5 Lies Parents Say About Your Career

You live in a country where your Parents Choose your career. If you are a doctor, an engineer, an architect or a chartered accountant, then your career is considered right. if you do anything other than this, then your career is inappropriate in their view. so let’s look at some of the lies told by your parents.

lies by parent

1. There is lot of scope in science

When we have to choose a stream to make a career, our parents always say this thing first. We are pressurized that only by selecting the science stream, we can earn wealth and fame.

2. There is no career in Singing, Playing, Dancing and other arts

It does not matter how much we listen to Lata Mangeshkar and appreciate Shahrukh acting but when we talk about choosing these fields as a career, then we get too much refusal at home. Do you believe that while choosing career M.F Hussain was also told that there can not be a career in Painting.?

3. By getting Good Marks, You can have Good Career

To some extent, this thing is absolutely right, but does it always happen? When you work in a professional field, we should love it and have a passion to do it.Also, the experience is very important which is not mentioned in your Mark Sheet. Therefore, getting good marks is not the only way of making a good career.

4. See the dream which you can fulfill

Can you stop a bird from flying his highest flight? Our Parents and Ancestors spread to as much as they were asked to fly, but today’s time has changed and you can do a lot of things to make a good career. We dream first and then completes them, so today Indians are making their name shines abroad. Following these paths, eminent personalities proved their superiority in their own fields.

5. Selecting a career based on Gender

Being a girl you get told that to be a Teacher, Bank officer or get a job in the bank because these are the right career for you in term of security.There is a lot of activity and risks in acting, journalism and many such careers. Girls can not do these tasks.

Parents are committed to tell the losses associated with a career and also give their suggestion, but still, cannot refuse any opportunity as a career.If this is the case then this is wrong and you should talk to your parents about this.

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